Top 5 Health And Fitness Calculators That You Must Try Today

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is always on your priority list. Even if you do not think on the same lines, you should actually make it a priority for yourself. There are lots of interesting tools available today that can help you track your health and fitness routine better than ever before. All you need to do is to figure out how exactly they can help and how you can take advantage of these tools. 

Most of these tools are available online thanks to the technological advances being brought in by the internet. That means you can access them from just about anywhere and keep your health and fitness efforts right on track. So, what exactly these tools are and how they can help? Well, we’re talking about online resources like Calculator All that gives you access to quite a few useful health and fitness calculators for putting your health routine right on track. Let’s take a look at top 5 health and fitness calculators which may prove to be really helpful for maintaining your health and fitness at optimal levels. 

  1. BMR Calculator

A BMR calculator is a great tool to measure your body’s basal metabolic rate in the bid to provide your body with enough energy to keep your body parts working optimally. Yes, our body requires a certain amount of energy for its routine working even when you are sitting idle. It is to ensure that our vital body organs like heart, lungs, kidneys and liver keep functioning properly. When you are not providing your body with enough calories on a daily basis to support these functions, you can expect some serious issues in the long run. So, it is advised that you use the calculator, determine how many calories your body needs for its proper function, and develop your diet routine accordingly. 

  1. BMI Calculator

A BMI calculator gives you a measure of your body mass index to tell whether your body weight is ideal or you need to cut down on your caloric intake or you have to increase it. Actually BMI works by taking into consideration your height, body weight, and your age to determine the BMI value for you. Now, if that BMI value falls in the standard range, you don’t need to do anything at all. However, if it deviates from the standard then you may need to take some remedial steps for ensuring that you do not end up developing any kind of serious health conditions whatsoever. Obviously, only a healthy weight can help avoid issues caused by obesity or being underweight. 

  1. Daily Calorie Calculator

In context to both the calculators discussed above, we all have to maintain an optimal calorie intake on a day to day basis so that we may not end up destroying our health. We don’t have to be obese and we don’t have to be underweight, rather we must maintain good health and an ideal weight. So, a daily calorie calculator can come to your rescue here as it tells you exactly how many calories you need to consume every day for maintaining weight, losing a pound or so every week, and gaining a pound or so every week. The calculator advises caloric intake based on your height, weight, age, sex and, most importantly, your activity level. So, put everything in order and lay the foundation of a healthy life. 

  1. Body Fat Calculator

A healthy body needs to have the right proportion of fat in it so that any kind of related health issues could be avoided. But how do you know what’s your body’s fat content at present? Well, you can use a reliable body fat calculator for that. The working of this calculator is pretty simple. It requires you to provide some details like your sex, height, waist, neck girth, and hips measurements in your desired units and the calculator will tell you the percentage of fat you have in your body. Yes, the result is simple and is usually presented only as a simple percentage figure. You can then use this information for consulting with your doctor and deciding what measures you need to take from now on to keep your body fat under control. 

  1. Anorexic BMI Calculator

Anorexia is a health condition that develops because of distorted body image perception, obsessive feature of gaining too much of weight, and having low body weight. The health condition is more common in females because, typically, they are overly conscious about their bodily figure and do not want to look overweight or ugly and out of shape. So, if your BMI is going into the anorexic range – which obviously is not good for your overall health – you should be seeking proper medical help. Wondering how to know if your BMI is anorexic or not? Well, an anorexic BMI calculator can help you with that. Just provide it with pertinent details like your age, sex, height and weight, and it won’t just calculate your BMI but will also tell you whether or not it’s in the anorexic range. 

So, these top 5 health calculators are certainly going to help you with your health and fitness endeavours. You have to make sure that you stay on top of your health routine by following the recommendations and findings of these calculators. Make sure that you consult with your physician, however, before doing anything substantial or taking any kind of medications whatsoever. Stay healthy, and stay fit!