Top Guide to Book and Stay In A Vacation Rental

Most of the travelers nowadays are trying to avoid staying in hotels especially when they are out for an overnight vacation or on a business tour. Goa is one of the most visited places for these purposes. There are many online sites which offer thousands of vacation rentals in Goa at cheaper rates than hotels. These vacation rentals are not only cheap but also have more room for privacy and more space. 

If you are out for such purpose in Goa, then vacation rentals are the ideal location for a comfortable and affordable stay. The sites are designed in such a way that they will ask for certain specifications and then show the results accordingly. The specifications generally asked are; location, duration of stay, prize, etc. Vacation rentals in Goa are generally posted in the sites by the homeowners and you will be asked to choose among three options. 

What are the types of room available in a vacation rental?

If the option ‘entire place’ is selected then you enjoy your private stay without anyone interfering. You don’t have to stay there with anyone else. A ‘private room’ refers to a bedroom which is all yours but the other rooms have to be shared with others. On the other hand, a ‘shared room’ refers to a room where you have to share your bedroom as well as others. Most of the vacation rentals in Goa are vacation homes and does not hold any permanent occupants. 

What are the things that should be kept in mind while booking a vacation rental?

  • Search filters

It is very important for the users to make proper use of the search filter. This helps you to shortlist your place to stay. Nowadays, there are various options available on the internet and without filters searching an appropriate place to stay will be difficult.

  • Customer reviews

Checking the customer reviews to find a good vacation rental in Goa is very important. Such sites only allow reviews of the genuine and registered customers to be posted on their websites. It is advised to stay in such rentals which have the star rating of more than 3. Also, with the help of reviews, you can get to know about the difference between the actual experience and the description. 

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  • Have an open mind

Unlike hotels, vacation rentals in Goa don’t have fancy toiletries or check-in desks, etc. but you will be provided you basic necessities. You will also not have a regular maintenance staff. Other people stay with you in the shared room, unlike hotels. In this way, you can interact with them as well. 

  • Search for discounts

If you have planned to stay for a longer time, say for 1 week or more, then find such rentals which provide discounts on longer stays. This can be immensely beneficial to you. Try to avoid such places where are no discounts or otherwise this can cost you a lot. 

  • Payments

Look for such sites which have a secure and safe mode of payment. Payments can be made through credit or debit cards. You can also make the payments using PayPal. At some places, you have to pay the owner directly. Try to avoid instant money transfer. 

  • Get through with the rules and regulations

Some of the vacation rentals will ask the visitors to sign a contract before staying there. Before signing, read the entire contact thoroughly. If you feel comfortable with the rules, only then decide to sign the contract. Also, read about the security measures provided by the rentals. 

  • Cancellation policies

This is one of the most important things to be considered before finalizing a rental. Cancellation policies are of three types: flexible, moderate and strict. Look for such sites which have a flexible cancellation policy. Some of the sites also offer to buy the cancellation policies for the customers. 

Try finding the vacation rentals where there are nearby grocery shops, airport, railway station, good availability of buses, etc. If you have come for vacation, then ask for a map of the location from the house owner. This will help you to know about the surrounding area in details. Rentals are indeed better than a hotel and because of this reason, there is a tremendous growth of the vacation rentals in the recent years. 

The above reasons have surely proved that rentals are much more convenient and advantageous than hotel rooms. These will cost you much less and also let you live in your own way. Rental rooms also become very helpful for such persons who are out for business purposes. They can even carry out their business meetings there instead of going out. The only thing to be careful about before finalizing is that check the rentals from reputed websites or apps only.