Top Party Hairstyles For Your Little Girl

Hair reflects the personality and identity of every girl and it is something that every little girl is so conscious about. Remember, however, that your hairstyle isn’t just something really personal but it is quite public as well because it sets out your overall look. So, like many other girls, you must also be looking forward to some of the coolest hairstyles for little girls but if you are a mom and have a cute little princess then you’d always be on the lookout for something that suits her better than anything else. 

You may have already checked out Mr Kids Haircuts or may be planning to do so. But, whatever the case, here we have some of the coolest hairstyles for little girls that you can give her for the next party or a major event and she’ll really love it for sure. And, obviously, everyone else around will also find her hairstyle cool as well. Let’s check out what options do you have then. 

  1. Bow Bun

A bow bun is extremely stylish and exquisite hairstyle that little girls can wear anywhere on a party night. The hairstyle is easy to achieve and creates an elegantly simple look that is worth bragging about. Obviously, you’re not going to put on a lot of makeup but this hairstyle alone can add a touch of cuteness and beauty to her looks overall. Using medium dry hairspray may prove to be helpful in achieving that overall neat look. Remember, however, to be quite gentle when it comes to pulling out those strands as you make it all tighter. Ensure that it is not too tighter but also sits there securely as well without any loose ends whatsoever. 

  1. Sweet Roll

A nice sweet roll is something to go with for those “creative artist” types. The hairstyle looks so cute overall and can be accentuated with that beautiful pom-pom, some floral accessories, or just about anything she likes. It looks a bit messy itself and, therefore, you do not have to worry at all about your girl’s style getting distorted as she goes on to play with her friends at the party. It’s just a perfect choice for such events. 

  1. Pigtail Buns

For little girls having wispy hair, this is a perfect hairstyle to go with and it will look so adorable as well. Just make sure that everything is ready beforehand so that the look can be achieved pretty quickly. Beautiful pigtails make for a perfectly organized and neat hairdo and it looks great on little girls as well. Remember to put some gel onto your tips while styling the look as it will be helpful with controlling those wisps in her hair. 

  1. Flower Braided Updo

This one is another cool and unique hairstyle for little girls that can make for a perfect party look. You can find many variations to the standard style but they all have one same premise i.e. you have to make her hair into a beautiful flower shape. For styling, you may need bobby pins, tail comb, water or hairspray, and a ponytail holder. Experts say that you have to ensure that plaiting is kept straight all across the flower braid for achieving a clean and beautiful side sweep on which you can make the bun to sit visibly and nicely. 

  1. Bang Braid

Now, this one is a perfect hairdo for girls who have shorter hair. It can be achieved all too easily with the help of small hair band and a typical fine-tooth comb. Perfect for those restless little beauties who won’t spare a moment to sit down quietly in one place and have their hairstyle set up to perfection, this bang braid hairstyle is quick to achieve and makes sure that her hair don’t fall into her eyes once you leave her alone. 

  1. Big Curls

You don’t really need those bobby pins or hair ties anymore if you have decided to go with this perfectly girlish and elegant hairstyle. Just ditch those styling accessories and try to achieve this beautiful look with sleek and voluminous curls that will look just awesome on your beautiful little girl. Those sexy waves really make a statement and will make your little girl feel like a superstar. For that extra edge, you can try to pin out a little hair section back using a hair accessory. Other than that, the look can simply be achieved with that wide-barrel curling iron you may use for yourself and enough length on your girls’ hair to achieve a perfectly voluminous curly look. 

  1. High Pony

A sleek and beautiful high ponytail can instantly lift just about any outfit your little girl is going to wear and will show off her sculpted cheekbones. In fact, this really is a perfect hairstyle for holiday season when you want to give your little beauty a sharp, yet minimal, look overall. It even works when you want to complement her show-stopping outfit to perfection. So, go sleeker and give your little beauty something really amazing to flaunt. 

  1. Fishtail Pony

Yet another beautiful ponytail style, this one really gives you a unique take on your stylishly classic high ponytail style. You can dress it up or down just the way you like and it really makes for an impeccable choice for the holiday season. So, if you little girl has those beautiful, long and shiny hair, this is the hairstyle that you’d like to give her for sure.

  1. Dutch Braided Hair Bun

This really is a perfect hairstyle for little girls to adore. Though it has a fancy vibe, but the hairstyle is very simple to achieve. What’s even better is that it will still look a lot cuter even when it gets a bit messy. Obviously, it won’t have an intentional messy look but when she’ll play around with her friends at the party then you can certainly expect the hairstyle to get a bit worn out. 

  1. High Bun

If you are facing trouble in determining which hairstyle you’d want to give your girl for the next party night, you can consider a high bun even if her head is full of curls. The hairstyle gives you a perfectly awesome way of keeping the hair up by achieving a beautiful pulled back hairstyle. The best part is that it will stay intact no matter how much your girl plays around at the party and the things won’t get awry. 

So, these are some of the best party hairstyles that your little girl would love to flaunt. You can even try all of them at different occasions and add a bit of variety to your little princess’ styles. She is definitely going to love it and so will you and everyone else around!